The meaning of revamping indicates a restructuring and reconstruction of industrial plants, even complex ones, in order to extend their life cycle within the production process.

Maintenance of industrial electrical systems and panels

With the progress of time from the moment of installation, electrical systems may suffer deterioration due to water infiltration, wear of materials, interventions by small rodents or other animals, dirt, dust.

Sato International offers various services aimed at the modernization and maintenance of your electrical systems to make your facilities as efficient as possible.

Crane and bridge crane maintenance

The bridge crane, also called overhead crane, is a machine used for lifting and moving heavy goods and loads, used both outdoors and indoors. It is commonly used in factories and warehouses to transport products between various departments.

The name overhead crane already suggests its structure and its composition: it is formed by a winch fixed on a trolley or on a hoist, and by a beam or more beams made of sheet steel, of different shapes and sizes, which acts as a bridge. Depending on the position of the bridge there will be a different type of translation. If the bridge is suspended, the translation will be electric or manual; otherwise, it will be motorized if the bridge is fixed to the tracks.

Sato International routinely carries out the maintenance of these types of systems with precision and punctuality to ensure the correct functioning of the structures.

Mechanical maintenance

Regular, constant and lasting industrial maintenance greatly reduces the possibility of breakdowns, production stops and sudden breakdowns of machinery, and minimizes business costs in the long run.

Relying on a company like Sato Interantional is a prudent choice that will be reflected, economically, in the long term.

With professionalism and speed, our company will carry out all the maintenance operations of your plants without blocking your production.

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