Preventive and extraordinary maintenance

Through an analysis of the most critical parts of the system, we can monitor the status of the devices by informing the customer in time when a fault is about to occur or better still, helping in the installation and commissioning phase after maintenance.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a maintenance policy that aims to carry out a maintenance intervention of “overhaul”, “replacement” or “repair”, before the component fails

Extraordinary maintenance

We take care of all maintenance interventions not due to normal wear of the systems, but attributable to unexpected breakages or accidental damages.

Periodic visits

By periodic maintenance we mean all the activities implemented to ensure the operation and safety of electrical and mechanical systems.

Often we intervene after damage has already occurred to solve failures on restricted parts of a plant (episodic maintenance), those that we should consider as priorities are all the interventions planned according to a forecast and an agreed work plan, to be applied, not only to small portions of the system, but to the entire structure (scheduled maintenance).

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